Welcome in our virtual house. My name is Alla Leonova, surname Vorotnikova serves as a creative pseudonym. My husband's name is Kirill Leonov.
We are attached to the unique in their own way breeds of dogs - the Scottish Terrier. Our time is devoted to breeding and education of the wonderful creations since their most birth. We train them and we communicate with them. It is impossible to forget the  time of supervision over them when in these kids the present "scottish" character is formed. It moderately independent, persistent, courageous, active.They are the real persons. You will be surprised again to the insuperable thirst of a life, reliability, congenital original intelligence and fidelity of these dogs. Years of dialogue with our four-footed satellites have learned us to appreciate friendship of a dog and the person. Scottie is  not the servant! It firmly knows it and will not forgive humiliation. The main thing, that it is able to be friends, so it is able to obey. You should become it the senior comrade, having managed to gain the authority of it. It is impossible to concern To the puppy haughtily, to demand only submission. It is necessary to remember, that even at the kid the intelligence is well developed. It is necessary to suppose it reasonable problems, to learn in game, and not just to order and wait for submission. If you managed to make friends with Scottie, you'll never find the friend better! It will be affable with you and always ready to play. And if at you  bad mood, or you are sick, it will feel it and will simply sit and  keep silent near to you when you drink coffee or look TV. Appreciate such attitudes and you will come to such mutual understanding when no words are necessary! There is enough sight or gesture! This is Scottie!

There are 40 dogs in our kennel. The owners love them very much and sometimes get at once a pair never make'em suffer from loneliness.
  We have the International champions, the National Club Champions,European champions among our dogs. The Scottish expert awarded  to our kennel the title "The Best Club Kennel".It was in 2001.during the jubilee exhibition of the Club.A year ago we took the second prize awarded by the Enghlish expert C. Annan. Polina ( The Scottish Tauer Jeanne D'Arc) is our best "mommy". This bitch was awarded as the "Best Stud" twice, in 2001 and 2004. Last time Polina presented the "legacy" with 4 generations of her children. Polina's posterity keeps on the leading of the rings.
We are proud of her son M.B.Chaplin, that took the 2-nd place in the very big opened form, in “Euro-Dog-Show- 2005”.
We should be very happy to greet the new owners and fans of Scotties!
We are waiting for letters e-mail messages  and we would like to see you as our visitors.


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